K&M Consultancy is an events management, marketing, and businessmen services firm offering dedicated support to our clients to exceed their expectations. Our consultants have profound and substantial knowledge of the market that allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on the requirements of the customer. We believe that our client's time is of great value and strive to provide high-quality, efficient, and prompt solutions to optimize the performance of the company.

Are you planning a destination wedding in Dubai? This is a great choice! The city offers a wide range of original ideas on how to spend the holiday with fun and pleasure. The most popular options include:

What is our task? We serve as an intermediary between foreign couples who want to hold the celebration in Dubai and owners of the necessary locations/decorations/etc. The main purpose of our agency is to simplify the wedding planning process.

It is quite difficult to arrange the celebration when you’re in another country. It is almost impossible to coordinate all service providers, hold talks with them, and meet to discuss some issues. Thus, we serve as the representatives of our clients.

What services do we offer?

As it was mentioned above, we support our customers until the very wedding day to ensure that everything is done timely and correctly. Thus, we offer to:

  • Coordinate the whole pre-wedding process;
  • Compile an approximate plan according to your budget;
  • Pick the most suitable venue according to your preferences and desires and book it for the necessary romantic date;
  • Find an appropriate decoration company and decorate the chosen location as your wish;
  • Order a wedding cake and ensure its timely delivery to the celebration;
  • Find a photographer, toastmaster, emcee, videographer, etc.;
  • Agree on the menu list with the client.

We treat every client individually. So, if you need additional services that are not listed here, feel free to ask questions and describe your needs. We’re always open to dialogue with our clients.

How does our cooperation develop?

When you contact our manager, we appoint a consultation. For those clients who live abroad, we offer online consultation. Thus, we can discuss all the subtleties, the client will describe the desired ceremony.

The next step is making an approximate estimation of services provided and their costs. If the customer agrees to our services, we’ll get down to picking options.

Asking about the budget for the celebration is an obligatory part as we will look for the options that meet your financial situation. So, we’ll pick several venues/decorations/service providers for you to choose the best one. All of them are within the budget.

Upon agreeing on the desired location and other points with the client, we get in touch with service providers, book the venue, and solve other matters.

Our task is to take your pre-wedding hustles on our shoulders so that you can enjoy this period and be sure that everything is under control.

As you understand, our agency provides a great variety of services and allows coping with a wide range of tasks. Note that we offer the following types of services:

  • Wedding planning;
  • Corporate event planning;
  • Holiday arrangement (bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, marriage proposals, etc.);
  • Business assistant services;
  • Marketing and product promotion on the UAE market.

So, let’s discuss what benefits you’ll get in the course of cooperation with our company.

  1. Efficient time allocation

Our clients entrust their concerns to us. When signing a contract, we are obliged to provide our customers with high-quality services and the perfect result. Our clients can forget about all the duties related to the preparatory process. We take all these tasks on our shoulders and only coordinate our actions with clients. So, you should only describe your vision of an upcoming event, and its realization will be our task.

  1. High-quality service providers

Our company exists in the market for several years. During this period, we have cooperated with a great number of contractors. So, over time, we’ve made the list of the most reliable service providers. Now, we have a large list of trusted contractors who offer high-quality services. Our clients do not have to browse the internet and search for service providers themselves, read feedback. We vouch for our partners.

  1. A wide catalog of indoor, outdoor venues

We are situated in Dubai and perfectly know the city. Thus, the catalog of offered locations for your events embraces the best options. These are rich retreatants and authentic cafes, restaurants, terraces, gardens, marriage proposals, engagement, wedding venues in the desert, yachts, gala rooms, etc. If you don’t like any of them, our employees will pick a new option for you.

  1. Hustle-free preparation

Any event arranging is associated with stress and nerves. Event holders want to organize the best celebration and try to foresee any detail. As a result, people experience hustles and stress. We offer to avoid this stage and entrust these bustles to us. We’ll do our work, and you’ll enjoy the process.

  1. Multi-sphere specialists

Our team consists of employees from different spheres of activity. Thus, we easily cope with any task. Every employee has special knowledge, which allows creating a cocktail of activities we deal with. If we combine our efforts and skills, we’ll be able to solve any issue and find a way out of any situation.

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