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Агентство по проведению праздников в Дубае

Our company provides events management, marketing research, and businessmen services to high-performance people who do not like to waste time. We specialize in planning sophisticated and cutting-edge events, using a belief that every detail matters. Our team makes sure your vision becomes a reality and your event goes off without a hitch. Whether you are looking for a small wedding, birthday party, award ceremony, or corporate event we will assist you every step of the way. With our comprehensive services of marketing solutions and strategies, we promise each and every one of our customers a unique and customized approach to creatively assess their target audience. Starting with research and planning and continuing through insights to maximize your sales, we are ready to help you take your company's marketing to the next level. In order to fulfill your expectations, we offer bespoke businessmen services: scheduling time, airline and hotel booking, arranging a meeting, and seeing off at the airport. Minimize your risk for less, with our professional team’s experience. We offer more value and the highest level of responsiveness.

We are a team of experienced employees united to provide our clients with professional services. Our agency helps clients deal with a wide range of services in Dubai.

What Services do we Provide?

Our activities include:

In other words, we make our client staying in the city pleasant and trouble-less. Our objective is to make your trip to the city enjoyable and effective.

Why do you Need to Address our Company?

Any trip abroad is inevitably related to hustles and bustles. Travelers have to foresee too many points. As a consequence, they get lost in the hustle of organizing a trip. Our task is to take all these concerns on our shoulders and arrange an unforgettable event in the UAE, which will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Our clients forget about stress when planning business missions or holiday trips. They entrust preparatory procedures to our employees and enjoy first-class services upon arrival. So, let’s briefly list 6 reasons to hire our team.

6 Reasons to Use our Services

  1. High-quality services based on a client’s needs and expectations
  2. Timely event management
  3. First-class venues for your holidays
  4. Hustle-free trips without stress and nerves
  5. Cooperation with reliable service providers
  6. Time-saving for our clients

How can we Simplify your Trip?

We are located in Dubai. So, we have a premade list of reputable contractors. When customers contact us and describe what kind of event they plan and what type of celebration they want to hold, we’re ready to offer the best venues, decorative agencies, other service providers. The catalog of our partners has been compiled for years; so, we’re sure that our contractors are trusted groups.

So, when contacting our agency visitors are sure that they will get the desired celebration. This serves as an additional plus for tourists who do not know the city at all. Our services allow saving effort and time. Instead of browsing the Internet for the right contractors and searching for venues, hotels, booking, etc., you can entrust these duties to us and enjoy your trip preparation.

Our main task is to make your trip enjoyable and non-stressful. We take all trip-related duties on our shoulders allowing you to feel confident and safe about your travel.

How to organize a wedding in Dubai

Do you have many friends who have married abroad? And only a few can boast of a symbolic wedding ceremony in Dubai at all. With the help of our wedding agency, you will not only find yourself in this small number of happy couples but also keep only pleasant memories about the holiday. If you want an unforgettable oriental fairy tale on the main day of your love, contact us. The company will think through everything - from A to Z. This is the key to your peace of mind and confidence in the impeccable conduct of the wedding.

Our company organizes weddings in Dubai. We can organize both a quiet private symbolic ceremony and a grand banquet. Together we will come up with the concept of the holiday, determine the style of the celebration. You can arrange a wedding on the deck of a yacht, on the seashore, and even in the desert. We will help you choose the site according to your preferences. Independent selection and study of suitable options can take too much time because there are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and other sites. Our staff will offer you all the most interesting things.

No boring speeches and contests! We will tell you how to create a unique holiday program that will become one of the most exciting events of your life. Stages:

Acquaintance. At the first meeting, we will discuss general issues. This is the format and style of the wedding, the number of guests, the date, the budget framework. Then we will sign the contract and you will make a deposit. We will organize a holiday in any concept. If you want a cozy quiet celebration that leaves an unforgettable aftertaste– there is nothing easier. A dizzying extreme with a creative show - no problem!

The second meeting. You will be offered a choice of various wedding venues in Dubai. You can arrange a wedding on the seashore, yacht, picturesque hotel grounds, in the desert, banquet hall. We will also discuss the concept of the holiday in detail.

Team selection. Professional photographers, videographers, presenters, stylists, decorators, cooks, artists work for you. You will be offered experienced masters of their craft. And this is a guarantee of success and a great mood!

The initial estimate. It is necessary to determine the cost and the list of selected services. After final approval, advance payment is made.

Development of the program. At this stage, the nuances of the wedding day are discussed and organizational issues are resolved. We are approving the program with the presenter. If you want, we can arrange a tasting menu, as well as trial makeup and hairstyle. An important point is the approval of a clear schedule of the day. No worries, because the whole process is controlled by an experienced specialist.

Final discussion. It includes the approval of the exact guest list, seating arrangements, and the payment of the remaining remuneration. Maybe you forgot to clarify something? It's not too late to ask about the nuance of interest.


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We provide an all-inclusive solution to your marketing assistance with all your business needs.

Events Management

We offer bespoke event management and planning services to busy people. From conceptualization to implementation.

Marketing Solutions

Is your brand new to the market? We will assist you in evaluating the advantages and risks and the best way to approach the market. Minimize unnecessary loss and get access to local distribution channels.

Qualified Personnel

K&M Consultancy is a team of creative event planners and organizers who specialize in corporate event planning.

Colorful Wedding Reception Venue Flowers Decor Dubai UAE

Fuchsia color is a juicy and rich shade of pink, it is also called purple. Fuchsia was given to us by nature itself because the name of this color is in honor of a beautiful flower.

Golden Color Wedding Decor In Outdoor Garden Venue Dubai UAE

Wedding in gold color

Golden is associated with prosperity, luxury, wealth, it can perfectly suit your celebration. If you want to spend your wedding luxuriously and with chic, feel free to choose a golden style for your holiday, it will not leave you unnoticed on this day. Gold will perfectly harmonize with colors such as bronze, beige, white, and chocolate.

Rose Quartz Wedding Theme, Beautiful Decor, Indoor Venue Dubai UAE

Your wedding in rose Quart is a calm, delightful, delicate, light shade of pink. Making a holiday in soft pink will be a great idea for your wedding day. Weddings in pink are very popular nowadays.

If you are not one of those brides who believe that the dress must be white, then feel free to stop by choosing an outfit of this shade. A beautiful hairstyle will be well combined with a fashionable accessory of the right color.

To complement your image, use the same tones in manicure and makeup, it can be both lipstick and shadows or blush.

Tiffany Blue Style Wedding Inspiration Decor Arch Flowers At Beach Dubai UAE

The fashionable style for Tiffany's wedding is a gentle, noble, pure shade, which consists of blue and green, otherwise, it is called turquoise. It is generally believed that this color comes from the name of the jewelry gemstone "Turquoise".

A Tiffany-style wedding will be a wonderful idea because it has a lot of advantages:

firstly, it goes perfectly with traditional white and with its various tones;

secondly, it is well suited to any time of the year celebrations;

thirdly, it is suitable for absolutely all people with different hair, eye, and skin colors;

All White Weddings Decor Venue Decoration Flowers Dubai UAE

A popular wedding in white. White is the most common color for a wedding celebration. When choosing absolutely any color scheme for a wedding, there is always a white color in it, because it is difficult to imagine such a day without this shade at all. While some couples come up with interesting colors for their holiday or select suitable shades for a stylistic wedding, the white style remains at the peak of popularity and most newlyweds choose this color as the main color for their wedding day and complement it with all sorts of shades.