Our Services

Company Formation Support

  • New company registration support (mainland, free zone, offshore)
  • License renewal services
  • De-registration of companies
  • Ready business acquisition
  • Company setup in Hong Kong, Singapore

Bank Accounts

  • Assistance with opening current and savings accounts with banks in UAE and overseas
  • Investment opportunities

Residence Visas

  • Investor visas
  • Employees visas
  • Family visas
  • Renewal of visas
  • Cancelation of visas

Business Support

  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing
  • Documentation support (legalization of documents,storage)


Our company provides a wide range of business and management consulting services with the comprehensive approach to our customers including organizing and structuring new and established businesses. Long-term experience of our professionals will help to implement your plans and build your international business in the UAE and take advantage of local jurisdiction to maximize profits. We will provide you with all the necessary support in the selection of the legal structure of the company, to optimize the tax minimization mechanism. Our dedicated team of professionals in various sectors such as law, finance, marketing is ready to answer your questions on the organization and implementation of business in the UAE market, administration and financial support of your project execution. K & M Consultancy will guide you on a variety of topics regarding real estate, investments, manufacturing in the UAE, opening a bank account and other issues faced by our clients at the time of initiating business in UAE. You can be assured of dedication and efficiency of our team in bringing solutions to the most complicated aspects of company incorporation and support.

Our Advantages

Full-Range Business Support

We provide an all-inclusive solution to your business initiative in UAE that encompasses company registration formalities, visa support, ‘turn-key’ office package, handling administrative matters, assistance with bank account setup and much more.

Tailor-Made Approach

We strive to fully understand the requirements of each business person planning to tap UAE market to be able to offer them a solution that would best suit their goals and intentions. Together we will choose among the variety of structures available to ensure a productive and long-run platform for your business.

Marketing Solutions

Is your brand new to the market? We will assist you in evaluating the advantages and risks and the best way to approach the market. Minimize unnecessary loss and get access to local distribution channels.

Qualified Personnel

Our consultants have profound expertise in business administration advisory, hands-on experience in banking, wealth management, accounting, IT and marketing. Diverse background and substantial knowledge of the market allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on the requirements of the customer.


Development in the UAE is strong. Therefore, K&M Consultancy offers to help with different strategies to have the best impact to a new business setup Dubai - UAE. Almost 41% of the population is millennials. It also has a specific effect on customers-providers relations. They want to have sustainability, safety as well as technological development. A lot of people care about nature so being stuck in a modern building all the time won’t do that much good. It is possible to use a lot of space and have a responsibility towards it to make some reasonable basis for a business idea.
Furthermore, technology is also an inevitable part of company setup in the UAE. It offers a lot of tools for analysis to better understand certain people and their needs. No solution fits everyone, so it is essential to use the right kind of technology and information to make the most of it.

Some company giants are using policies that violate anti-monopoly and other laws. This topic is more actual in the recent times than previously because there is more investigation on this matter. Now there is enough evidence to say that Amazon has a two-faced strategy as a platform that is friendly to sellers to put their products for sale but also a merchant that is a part of a competitor to them. They might use sensitive information that involves data about the target audience, products that people are the most interested in and other aspects that can help to boost their sales. K&M Consultancy can help anyone, even business startup Dubai to avoid pressure or illegal policies that they need to fight against to succeed. Luckily, the EU is pushing forward stricter rules to control competition and ways how everyone is dealing with certain aspects of a business.

The US with Trump in front came forward with new requests for China that is not a good sign for them. America wants them to get away from their technology and other valuable assets. As a response, also China set some sanctions that are not good for America. Argentina already stated their dissatisfaction, but Germany wants to revolutionize the whole WTO system. Similarly thinks China which insists on fairer trade and other options with it. The UAE is less affected by these international events so new business setup Dubai – UAE is not in danger. With additional help from our K&M Consultancy, it is possible to have stunning results whenever there is a need.

Statistical data show that the UAE is on the top positions for not only tourism but also different company setup in the UAE. K&M Consultancy encourages getting to know more for those who want to develop professional contacts and realize their potential faster, more efficient, and more support for a long-term benefit for the country and people. The government itself is somewhat liberal and encourages foreign business so contribute to the budget and other aspects that stabilizes the economy and makes the region interesting for professional companies.

Obaid Al Tayer from the financial sector in the government admitted that they are not planning to increase the value-added tax at least for the next couple of years. There has been some research about corporate tax and what kind of effect it might bring. But these are only early stages and doesn’t mean anything much in the next years. That means that also for business startup Dubai it is possible to have an income and deal with all the payments. At the same time, the country still has the necessary income and strong economy as it was already before the implementation of the VAT. K&M Consultancy makes it possible for anyone to achieve better results with tax consulting services and others.