Our Services

Company Formation Support

  • New company registration support (mainland, free zone, offshore)
  • License renewal services
  • De-registration of companies
  • Ready business acquisition
  • Company setup in Hong Kong, Singapore

Bank Accounts

  • Assistance with opening current and savings accounts with banks in UAE and overseas
  • Investment opportunities

Residence Visas

  • Investor visas
  • Employees visas
  • Family visas
  • Renewal of visas
  • Cancelation of visas

Business Support

  • Administrative Support
  • Marketing
  • Documentation support (legalization of documents,storage)


Our company provides a wide range of business and management consulting services with the comprehensive approach to our customers including organizing and structuring new and established businesses. Long-term experience of our professionals will help to implement your plans and build your international business in the UAE and take advantage of local jurisdiction to maximize profits. We will provide you with all the necessary support in the selection of the legal structure of the company, to optimize the tax minimization mechanism. Our dedicated team of professionals in various sectors such as law, finance, marketing is ready to answer your questions on the organization and implementation of business in the UAE market, administration and financial support of your project execution. K & M Consultancy will guide you on a variety of topics regarding real estate, investments, manufacturing in the UAE, opening a bank account and other issues faced by our clients at the time of initiating business in UAE. You can be assured of dedication and efficiency of our team in bringing solutions to the most complicated aspects of company incorporation and support.

Our Advantages

Full-Range Business Support

We provide an all-inclusive solution to your business initiative in UAE that encompasses company registration formalities, visa support, ‘turn-key’ office package, handling administrative matters, assistance with bank account setup and much more.

Tailor-Made Approach

We strive to fully understand the requirements of each business person planning to tap UAE market to be able to offer them a solution that would best suit their goals and intentions. Together we will choose among the variety of structures available to ensure a productive and long-run platform for your business.

Marketing Solutions

Is your brand new to the market? We will assist you in evaluating the advantages and risks and the best way to approach the market. Minimize unnecessary loss and get access to local distribution channels.

Qualified Personnel

Our consultants have profound expertise in business administration advisory, hands-on experience in banking, wealth management, accounting, IT and marketing. Diverse background and substantial knowledge of the market allows us to offer tailor-made solutions based on the requirements of the customer.


K&M Consultancy shares a great example of Aldar Properties and Emaar for cooperation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. That is not the only possibility but certainly shares insight into modern and diverse strategy. Aldar’s goals are to focus on industry and logistics to modernize such things in Abu Dhabi as hotels, residential buildings, and others. Also, Emaar has some interest in Dubai. There are many reasons why Dubai is attractive for specific new business setup Dubai - UAE. Our K&M Consultancy can help further with advice regarding different business plans and formalities including tax consulting services. We care that everyone gets the best opportunity from cooperation or their company setup in the UAE that is diverse and modern.

With the implementation of VAT in the UAE, the government made different changes to ensure compliance like stricter fines and diversification that is necessary to have a good impact. A part of that is also sharing formula that is not yet public. It might include population side, non-oil GDP and GDP itself. This formula will have an individual impact on different cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and others. The most significant effect that it will have is that either the GDP will fall or rise. K&M Consultancy can further help to make a better impact on different aspects regarding Dubai business setup and others. We offer professional tax consulting services is there are further questions that need explanation or otherwise require more help.

Visa research and others show that an increased number of people use the internet on their daily basis. We are talking about millennials, especially people who were born between 1980 and 2000. They fully know how to use the internet and everything that comes with it. This realization is essential for any new business setup Dubai - UAE as it should help to boost sales and stay connected. Banks are one of the examples that switched their approach and revolutionized the way that they share information and communicate with their clients. At the same time their security level online is very high and at the same time offers clients easy use of internet banks etc. K&M Consultancy provides a wide range of pro services Dubai and others to help companies make the best shift and another kind of decisions in this new century.

Prognosis about the economic development in 2019 is very favorable for the UAE. Many statistics show a positive view that the government etc. is moving the right way to diversify sectors. That means that although the oil sector is the main contributor to economic development, there are also alternatives that share up to 3.6% of GDP growth. It is a good indicator that shows that the government is diversifying its sources and capabilities to keep strong no matter of the global situation with the oil prices that keeps changing all the time. K&M Consultancy can further help with tax consulting services and others to use the economic growth of the region for their excellence.

This year and a year to follow comes with a lot of demand for certain job spheres that is a part of a successful company setup in the UAE. Among the most valuable work titles are IT security analyst, accounting and finance professionals, system and personal assistants. In 2019, there will be more demands for workers knowledgeable in administration, data, cybersecurity, technical support, etc. Technical aspects will only gain popularity as many more Dubai business setup, and others will focus on this aspect to stay competitive and introduce the newest tendencies of their field. On the other hand, salaries of professionals will raise. That means that especially business startup Dubai needs to consider how many workers they can afford and which ones are the most necessary for a particular business. K&M Consultancy can help with certain aspects to make better decisions and relieve the pressure. The whole UAE is the right spot for development and competitiveness.