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Business Management Support In UAE

Our company provides a wide range of business and management consulting services with a comprehensive approach to our customers including organizing and structuring new and established businesses. Long-term experience of our professionals will help to implement your plans and build your international business in the UAE and take advantage of a local jurisdiction to maximize profits. We will provide you with all the necessary support in the selection of the legal structure of the company, to optimize the tax minimization mechanism. Our dedicated team of professionals in various sectors such as marketing is ready to answer your questions on the organization and implementation of business in the UAE market, administration support of your project execution. K & M Consultancy will guide you on a variety of topics managing your business. You can be assured of the dedication and efficiency of our team in bringing solutions to the most complicated aspects of company business support.

Our Advantages

Full-Range Business Support

We provide an all-inclusive solution to your business initiative in the UAE that encompasses company management formalities, ‘turn-key’ office package, handling administrative matters, assistance with all your business needs.

Tailor-Made Approach

We strive to fully understand the requirements of each business person planning to tap the UAE market to be able to offer them a solution that would best suit their goals and intentions. Together we will choose among the variety of structures available to ensure a productive and long-run platform for your business.

Marketing Solutions

Is your brand new to the market? We will assist you in evaluating the advantages and risks and the best way to approach the market. Minimize unnecessary loss and get access to local distribution channels.

Qualified Personnel

Our consultants have profound expertise in business administration advisory, hands-on experience in accounting and marketing. The diverse background and substantial knowledge of the market allow us to offer tailor-made solutions based on the requirements of the customer.


Business Open In Dubai UAE

Recently finished competition Flying Colors has helped various new business setup Dubai - UAE that was able to participate and share their ideas and products. All products had the necessary certification and other documentation that proved their quality. The main award was to with flights with Emirates Airline with overall cost Dh 100,000 (EUR 23,965). This prize can be useful for different business trips that are necessary for international cooperation and other aspects. Additionally to that, in Flying Colors competition was also SME investors. They largely contribute to the growth of different new business setup Dubai - UAE and others. K&M Consultancy offers additional pro services Dubai and others to make the best result in everything that interests one another professionally.

2019 looks rather bleak for some of the local designers in the UAE. They don’t seem very positive about the local industry due to various reasons. K&M Consultancy wants to share some of them. One of the main holdbacks, especially for a business startup Dubai is lack of investment. A lot of people and even banks prefer to deal with a successful Dubai business setup. Customers also choose international brands not the local production even though it is very similar or cheaper. This trend is going on for some time. It is also challenging for domestic fashion industry workers to employ a large number of workers like it is in the case of international companies. That also makes a difference in manufacturing and other instances. As a contrary, according to the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC), there is a 6% increase in the fashion industry in 2019. That means that the future situation is not that bad as it seems for some of the designers. It is all about finding the possibilities and ways how to make a good outcome. K&M Consultancy can help anyone with specific information or insecurities to produce better results because every industry in the UAE has a potential and ability to stay competitive.

According to the data from MENA Research at Emirates NBD, the job and Dubai business setup situation is not increasing as rapidly as one might think. Especially quite time it was in December of the previous year. Although the statistics show that an increase in jobs and other aspects is not that big and is actually below average, many people still think that there is a possibility for greater activity in 2019 and upcoming years. Only a bit more than 5% of respondents think negatively about the development in different sectors. Besides, K&M Consultancy can help with certain pro services Dubai and others to make the most of every setting.

The rise is one new business setup Dubai - UAE that is an excellent example for organic farming and how to use it as a tool for business. It helps to bring together farmers and people who would love to buy healthy food. Becky, the founder of Ripe, comes from the UK. She noticed that in the UAE there is a lack of a retail outlet. In the UK there was a demand for that, so there wasn’t any doubt that also in the UAE there will be people interested in healthy food like tomatoes, cabbages, and everything else a farmer can grow on his or her land. Additionally, Becky’s husband was working on an agricultural project that allowed better to understand that it would be possible to have this kind of business startup Dubai. K&M Consultancy encourages others to start a business in Dubai in organic farming and other sectors as it is possible to get help and support whenever it is necessary.

This year Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED) has come with a new 50% excellent reduction company setup in the UAE. With the use of new technology and data storage, everyone who applies to this reduction has a notification via SMS. But it has specific requirements, for example, this reducing applies only to the first fines of every year. At the same time, it can be a good encouragement for specific Dubai business setup and others to try and do their legal aspects. Furthermore, K&M Consultancy has the experience to help with other elements as our team offer tax consulting aspects and others to make it easier to make decisions and follow certain things that need further attention.